Safety Policy Statement

Universal Field Services, Inc. is concerned for the safety and health of our employees, our clients, and the public. We are committed to the policy that all employees work in a safe environment, follow safe practices and use equipment and vehicles in good working condition.

Universal has established a health and safety program to conform to the best practices appropriate for our industry. No job is so urgent that we should take shortcuts, follow improper practices or work in conditions that would expose anyone to safety risks. Every effort should be made to eliminate the possibility of accidents and comply with all laws and regulations.

Universal management and supervisors will strive for ZERO accidents and injuries. This will be accomplished through job safety analysis and line accountability. All unsafe policies and conditions should be reported immediately to the attention of your supervisor and the Corporate Safety Manager, Tulsa, Oklahoma Office. As a condition of employment, we must work in a manner that promotes safety for all employees and those around us.

Universal will follow all client, local, state and federal safety policies and practices not only because Universal is contractually committed, but also because we believe in it. We expect each employee to participate in Universal’s Safety Program and develop an awareness of special job hazards.

All new and rehired employees are required to familiarize themselves with the Safety Program upon receipt. If there are any questions regarding the Program, please contact Stacey Cook or myself and we will review Universal’s safety policies, accident reporting procedures as well as our drug and alcohol program.

We encourage your comments as this will help us to build a better safety program together.

Remember to always work safely!

Clark E. Andrew, III SR/WA Executive Vice President