Leslie D. Finnigan, SR/WA

1900 Point West Way, Suite 120
Sacramento, CA 95815
Office: (916) 564-9980

Leslie D. Finnigan is Universal's Vice President, Western Region, responsible for Business Development and Project Management for the States of Oregon, southwest Washington (Pacific, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Clark Counties) Idaho, and California. She is the principal real estate broker for Universal in Oregon and California.

Prior to joining Universal in 1998, Leslie was the Project Manager and Right of Way Agent for Washington County, Oregon where she was responsible for property management, acquisition and relocation assistance and related activities from authorization to construction of numerous street and road projects. Prior to that, she had more than ten years of experience with the Oregon Department of Transportation where she was Senior Right of Way Agent and Project Manager responsible for acquisition, relocation and property management issues for a diverse range of ODOT projects. Earlier positions with ODOT included Condemnation Liaison, Right of Way Agent and Systems Coordinator for the Motor Vehicle Division.

Leslie attended the Oregon College of Education (WOU) and holds an Oregon Mediation Certificate and the International Right of Way Association's (IRWA) SR/WA designation. She has additionally attended many technical and management training programs in property acquisition, appraisal and leadership.

A former IRWA Chapter 3 President, and a member of many chapter committees, Leslie is a former Region 7 Chair and currently serves on the International Local Public Agency Committee as the Committee Chair. She was also the recipient of the IRWA, Chapter 3 Professional of the Year in 1992 and 2011 and Region 7 Professional of the Year in 2011.