Database Tracking Software

Universal has long recognized the importance of providing our clients with information and documentation to support the quality processes that have taken place in the acquisition of property and related activities.

Information - Our file systems relate to the scope of the projects we are serving and the requirements of our Client. When only a few parcels are affected, we might utilize a simple MS Excel spreadsheet for tracking and reporting. For large projects, we use database systems that offer versatility and scalability for tracking all data and adapting to unique reporting or documentation needs.

Our various database management systems provide effective tools that can be used in -

  • tracking real estate interests in geographically expansive or complex projects
  • storing and delivering GIS, aerial, and other geographic data
  • generating reports, reviewing performance, and identifying areas that require corrective action
  • tracking the status of key project aspects
  • storing information in formats determined by the client

Universal's database systems for large projects -

  • can be customized to fit the needs of the project from conception to completion
  • can be used after completion of the project to maintain the project information (without continuous fees and charges)
  • can easily track multiple projects simultaneously
  • can track progress on all or individual parcels, agent activity, title work, surveying both civil and environmental, appraisals and acquisition along with other items of interest

Documentation - Data in any system is only as good as the back-up documentation. Universal's proven file management provides the solid assurance that there's a sound basis for any data. Original files are maintained until each parcel is completed. Upon completion of each parcel, the parcel file can be provided to the Client; however, Universal will maintain copies of each parcel file for an appropriate period.

A separate file will be established for each acquired property. Records of all contacts with property owners and any displacees will be continuously updated and will be available for the Client's review within one business day of the request. Each file will contain at least the minimum items required by the Client. In addition to the paper file, Universal will maintain a digital record on each parcel in the selected database, to include the contact records, notices, and correspondence.

For projects serving government agencies, our substantial experience in federal aid acquisition programs and the database management requirements of those programs guides all our projects to maintain detailed and comprehensive files regarding acquisition and relocation assistance activities. Our versatile and proven assets can work for you on your next project. Contact us for more information on how we can help you be more successful.