Andrew W. Lundquist    Manager - GIS Systems
P.O. Box 35666
Tulsa, OK 74153
Office: (918) 494-7600

Andy has been involved in the development and management of GIS based solutions for over 20 years. He leads the company's charge in creating location based solutions for identifying, tracking, and mapping geospatial data as related to right of way for pipeline, electric transmission, government, and other projects.

His expertise in innovative development of procedures that leverage GIS technology for streamlining data modeling, predictive analytics, and spatial analysis launches valuable capabilities for Universal's clients and provides proactive support to every project. Andy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Science and Computer Systems from Oklahoma State University (the second of three generations of OSU grads). He's a native of Tulsa, OK and brings the upbeat, steady, and thoughtful attitude needed in every team.