Key Personnel

As one of the largest Coordinated Land and Right of Way Acquisition Firms in the nation, Universal offers unrivaled professional personnel. The following is a list of our key personnel and their area of responsibility.

Corporate Office Staff
Steve T. Benson, SR/WA Chairman/President
Clark Andrew, III Executive Vice President
Douglas R. Benson Executive Vice President
Matthew R. Land Executive Vice President
Tim Bunkers, SR/WA, R/W-NAC Senior Vice President, Electric Division
Andrew M. Lundquist Manager - GIS Systems
Veda Hester, CPA CFO/Controller
Regional Office Staff
Jim Newcomb Senior Vice President, Energy Division
Larry D. Risinger, SR/WA Vice President, Texas and Rocky Mountain Region
Leslie D. Finnigan, SR/WA Vice President, Western Region
Mitchell C. Legel, SR/WA Vice President, Northwest Region
Joe B. Neighbors, SR/WA Vice President, Southeast Region
Leslie Pacheco Vice President, Northeast Region and Quality Assurance
Ken Wunsch, RWA, LEED®AP, EDFP Vice President, Upper Midwest Region